Innovative Anticorrosion Paints to Protect Gas Turbine Components

M-M-Morant offers anticorrosion slurry paints for compressors and combustors in aircraft- and stationary gas turbines.

We provide antifouling sealers / pigmented top coats and masking materials for pack diffusion processing.

Our slurries allow for targeted application by spraying or brushing combined with fast curing – as simple as any paint!

Advantages of slurry coating products

High quality & performance

Fast and economic process

  • targeted, simple processing
  • fast curing with high through put
  • reduced waste and
    energy consumption
  • cost efficient processing

Health & environment protection

Our proven products are available as chromium (VI)-free „GREEN“ version (REACH compliant)

M-M-Morant coating products

– chromium (VI)-free „GREEN“ formulations available –

Compressor coating materials

  • cathodic protection basecoat up to 600°C (aluminium ceramic coating)
  • topcoat protective materials
    (antifouling PTFE, pigmented versions)
  • Touch-ups for local fast repair

Combustor/Turbine coating materials

  • combustor diffusion coating up to 1100°C
  • masking materials for pack processing
  • scavenger layers for pack/CVD processing
  • TBC protective coatings

You are in search of a specific coating formulation?

M-M-Morant has a long tradition in development and innovation.