Gas Turbine Coating Materials by M-M-Morant
The Original – made in Germany since 1985

M-M-Morant-GmbH has been inventor and quality producer of coating slurries for over 35 years.

Situated in Germany, M-M-Morant supports OEM producers of turbines, airline companies and overhaul shops worldwide.

M-M-Morant acts as researcher, developer and manufacturer of coating solutions and holds several patents with its industrial partner MTU Germany.

Originating from surface cleaners for engineering industry M-M-Morant developed the first low chromium (VI) coating slurry in 1985. Fast, OEMs like PW, GE, RR, SNECMA, MTU, Siemens, Alstom and MAN approved our formulations as CERAL (CERamic ALuminum).

Following this success, our product portfolio grew by compressor (anticorrosion, antifouling) and hotpath (diffusion) coating materials complemented by masking materials and touch-ups for repair purposes.

Since launching its first low chromium (VI) product M-M-Morant has seen itself responsible for environmental and worker safety and developed a chromium (VI)-free GREEN-line.